About Me: Abridged Version


I am a wife, mother, daughter, sister, career woman, and self-proclaimed foodie committed to learning as much as I can about homemade, from scratch cooking.  Born in South Korea but raised in America, I explore foods from my Korean heritage and my American upbringing and present them in approachable, easy to follow recipes.  Join me as I recreate my childhood favorites, experiment with all foods scratch made and preservative free, and to make food accessible.

At 34, I gave birth to my second beautiful daughter, going from super driven career woman to stay at home mom to a newborn and a four-year old.  Happy to have this once in a lifetime opportunity to spend precious time with my two little girls, and trying to channel my type A personality in a way that didn’t make me go crazy and keep the walls from closing in on me, I kept myself busy by organizing, writing, and cooking.

Baby #2 was so different than my first…  She actually sleeps!  Long naps and through the night, I didn’t know what to do with all this free time.  I spent endless hours losing myself in cooking and revisiting recipes that conjured up happy memories but that I hadn’t had time to make in years.  In getting back in touch with dishes that reminded me of family holidays, vacations, life experiences and loved ones, I realized that so much of life is attached to food.  And I suddenly wanted to remember more about my life.  As I bit into coffee cake and ate meatloaf sandwiches, it felt like my mom was there with me comforting me during this challenging time.  By making her cookies and meatballs, I felt as though my grandma Wentworth was sitting right beside me.  As I ate nutella and angel food cake, I could hear my nana offering me these sweet treats as I childishly rejected them because they looked “funny”.  When I energetically add peas to whatever I possibly can, I can almost smell the faint burning scent of my father making these for me when my mom was out.

Something in me changed and grew with every recipe – I started feeling alive again – savoring the perfected recipes, tweaking some to make them mine, creating my own based on what I know tastes good.  With every recipe, I subconsciously challenged myself to make more from scratch.  What else could I make with my own hands?  I began to delve into breadmaking, crafting fresh pasta, experimenting with new desserts, exploring different Korean flavors.

My culinary inspiration comes from several places: 1) my upbringing of American cuisine and family-style cooking (think lasagna, casseroles, and baked goods), 2) my Korean roots, newly discovered in my early 20’s, 3) my passion for all different types of food and eating in general, and 4) the satisfaction I get from crafting delicious food by hand.  My recipes truly reflect that curiosity.  With each recipe accompanies the memory that inspired it.  And because I am self-taught, expect step by step instructions, a good amount of cheerleading, and good visuals.

I will update this website biweekly, giving me time to chase my now 8 month old, be entertainer to my four year old, and somewhere in the midst of all that, experiment with new recipes!  🙂

If you want to know more about my story, visit the Long Version.  🙂


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